It’s not exactly a tragedy, but most girls feel sadness and frustration when a favorite makeup color is discontinued. Everyone has makeup faves, and the brand, type, color and texture all come into play when you choose your go-to cosmetics. Lots of ladies are especially picky about eye shadows. You need the right colors and tones, and they need to be warm or cool to match your complexion. If your favorite Chanel eye shadow has been discontinued, don’t worry. It might make a comeback, or you might be able to track down a duplicate.

Why There Are Limited Editions

Chanel releases limited edition cosmetic color collections for each fashion season to match the runway styles, and the makeup often sells out quickly. According to the Chanel website, the collections, including eye shadows, are retired to make room for the next season’s colors. Other colors fall out of fashion, and if there’s no longer much demand for them, the company retires these colors. If there’s a color you’re in love with and it’s been discontinued, you can contact Chanel to help you find a replacement.

Chanel Deja Vu

High-end department store makeup counters, including Chanel, hire consultants to give customers personalized makeup lessons and color advice. The company knows its own consultants may have helped you choose a favorite eye shadow shade, so when certain products are discontinued, the company sometimes re-releases them in limited editions. These can be found on Chanel’s website under the Deja Vu heading. Check often to see if your favorite shadow has made a temporary comeback.

Color Blend Specialists

If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city, you can bop right into a Three Custom Color store and ask them to blend up your favorite Chanel shadow shade. These cosmetic color specialists have stores nationwide, and have been in business for over a decade. Even if there isn’t a store near you, the company’s website lets you plug in the brand — Chanel — and shade, so they can mix you up a batch to order.

Outlet Stores and eBay

As with clothing, makeup outlet stores often carry products from last season and even the season before that. Look for your favorite discontinued Chanel eye colors at Chanel outlet stores and other boutique cosmetic stores at outlet shopping centers. Of course, there’s always eBay. Some eBay sellers buy up large quantities of popular cosmetics such as Chanel eye shadows, and sell them periodically. Lots of ladies have luck when they search the site for hard-to-find shadows.


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