Having dry eye syndrome doesn’t have to be something that you should worry about when picking out makeup. Some tips and tricks will help you find the best eye makeup that won’t interfere with the syndrome. You’ll look so glamorous that there won’t be a dry eye in the house.


Because dry eye syndrome is a film over your eye, using drops can help control it. Makeup by Heather A artist Heather Adessa recommends either not using mascara or using a light, waterproof kind. She says this is so when you apply the drops, and it doesn’t make your mascara run down your cheek. She loves Cover Girl Lash Blast Length because it is light on the lashes, yet gives a great look, all while being waterproof. As for a department store brand, Adessa loves Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara because it comes in an array of colors and can be dramatic, yet your lashes feel like there’s nothing on them.


Eyeliner can make an eye stand out and look fab-u-loss. However, when it comes to those with dry eye syndrome, it may be one of those things you want to do without. Adessa recommends not applying eyeliner on the inner lower lash line. She says that this may cause the product to go into the eyes, which can irritate parts of the actual eyeball. She says to stick to putting products on your lids, where chances of it falling into the eyes are less likely.


There’s nothing more reliable than doctor’s orders. Dr. Alaina Tonelli, an optometrist in Princeton, New Jersey, says that although she’s never considered telling her patients to use special makeup if they’re dealing with dry eye syndrome, she does encourage using hypoallergenic products. She says that an eye with an insufficient tear film will have difficulty washing any allergens that come from the makeup off from the eye surface.


Good hygiene is always important, especially when it comes to your eyes. Makeup should always be washed off thoroughly before going to bed. You never want to sleep with even a bit of mascara on. Dr. Tonelli says that “a severely dry eye may be immunologically compromised.” She says that small defects in the cornea caused by dryness can become the culprit for bacterial infections. She goes on to explain that the cornea relies heavily on tear film components as a critical part of the immune system. To stay healthy is to keep your eyes healthy.


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