The right eye makeup can help to bring together your look. As an accessory, your makeup works to complement your features and enhance your selected jewelry. With silver jewelry, you have chosen to dabble in the fresh color palette. This palette offers many attractive shades to incorporate into your look. Whether you are heading to a dinner with friends, a night out dancing or that particular date you have been looking forward to, you will have the best eye makeup for your silver jewelry and you.


If you wanted to create a cool icy look with a touch of enchantment, mix silver with silver. Team your silver jewelry with some beautiful silver eye makeup for a strong, vivid effect. Go for a reflective metallic eyeliner or eyeshadow. Keep this look simple and clean so as not to look too futuristic and border on silver face painting. Try just a touch of silver in the corners of your eyes for a stunning dewy look.


Moss green is another color to team with silver jewelry. Moss green has strong emerald elements, and so this jewel tone automatically flatters silver jewelry. Try a heavy dark moss green lid with thick false eyelashes for a glamorous party look. Graduate this sound, so it doesn’t look too thick. Perhaps start with a light dusting that darkens as you draw closer to the end of the eyelid.


Blue belongs to the fresh color palette and so will naturally enhance and reflect the beauty of silver. Try a sharp electric blue for an evening event. This is a modern twist and will give you an edgy look. If you are sporting your jewelry in the daytime, go for a light icy blue. This will carry on the cool-toned feel but add a more laid-back care-free vibe to the look.


Smokey eyes are perfect for silver jewelry — you cannot go wrong with this ultra alluring look. Smokey eyes are usually made up of grey, sometimes silver, and black eyeshadow and eyeliner. The idea is to rim your eyeliner with a bold dark line using black eyeliner. You then add black eyeshadow that you smudge and graduate upward toward the brow. This creates the steamy hot, yet effortlessly cool, smokey eye.


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