If your hands are dry or chapped, beeswax may be your new best friend. While beauty products containing beeswax, which is an all-natural emulsifier, are typically costly, you can create your own quick, homemade hand cream for a fraction of the cost. Reap the moisturizing benefits of beeswax in just a matter of minutes.

Prepare the Beeswax

Before using wax to create hand cream, you’ll need to melt it first. Heat two cups of beeswax in a pan until it melts, and add in one cup of sweet almond oil. Add a few more drops of oil if the mixture is too thick, or a bit more wax if it’s too oily and runny. Beeswax, which seals honey in honeycombs, will help thicken the oil. The wax will also provide a protective layer between your skin and natural elements, such as water and wind.

Mix the Ingredients

Fill a blender or food processor with one cup of warm water and secure the lid. Turn the mixer on “high” and pour the wax and oil mixture slowly through the opening in the cover until it begins to thicken.

Add Fragrance

If you prefer a scented hand cream, use all-natural essential oil for a gentle fragrance. While the blender is running, add ten drops of your favorite oil, such as rose, lavender, ylang-ylang or sweet orange, until it is thoroughly incorporated into the mixture. Continue mixing the oil and wax blend into the cream until it reaches the desired thickness.

Package the Hand Cream

Show off your homemade hand cream in eye-catching containers, which you can store on your vanity table or give to friends. Spoon the creamy cream into small glass cosmetic jars, or metal tins or glass canning jars as a country-inspired touch.


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