If your glossy lipstick tends to bleed during the day—leaving you with a red mess all over your coffee cup, teeth and clothing—a matte lipstick may be a better choice. But opting for a matte finish doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite lipstick. In fact, you can make any lipstick into a matte finish lipstick, saving yourself a lot of money and an extra trip to the mall.

1.Apply your favorite lipstick as you normally would. Blot your lips by pressing a tissue lightly against them, removing excess lipstick.

2.Put a light dusting of cornstarch powder on a plush makeup brush or powder puff. Lightly dust your lips with the cornstarch powder or gently pat your lips with the powder puff.

3.Remove excess powder with a clean tissue by gently pressing the tissue against your lips. The cornstarch powder will give your lipstick a matte look, while keeping it in place all day.

Things You’ll Need


3.Cornstarch powder


4.Plush makeup brush or powder puff

Tips & Tricks

 If you do not have access to cornstarch powder, use eye shadow. Apply a complementary eye shadow over the blotted lipstick using a foam applicator. Using a shimmer eye shadow can give you the look of a matte finish while adding a hint of sparkle.

Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to applying powder or eye shadow over your lipstick. You only need a light layer to create a matte finish. Applying too much powder can cause your lipstick to cake up and peel.


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