When it comes to makeup and fashion, sometimes it’s just as important to know the wrong ways to do things as it is to know the right ones. After all, you don’t want those lovely peepers of yours to be a laughing stock, so avoid major embarrassment by not making some of the most common mistakes in eye makeup. Keep away from the perils and learn the right way to lavish attention on your eyes — and make sure everyone else does, too.


Face it: there are few better ways to turn “classy” into “trashy” than by overdoing your eye makeup. Sure, there’s space between your eye and your eyebrow, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of it. As a rule, the more opaque your eyeshadow, the less space it should cover your eyes. Bear in mind, also, that you can get away with a lot less eyeshadow during daytime and while wearing casual fashions than you can with fancy evening wear and occasions. Less is more!

Mismatched Color

If you pair together eyeliner and eyeshadow, make sure the colors match or are similar in shade (unless you are wearing black liner, which will match any color). If you choose to pair complementary colors, such as, say, purple and blue, realize that this will work best with a more striking, evening or formal makeup style since it’s not subtle. Remember: simple color schemes make a beauty queen, but lots of colors make you look a bit more like a circus runaway.


Big dark, eyelashes make your eyes look large and gorgeous, but if your mascara is clumpy, the look is a bit less fab and a bit more like wearing tarantulas on your face. Make sure you wipe that mascara brush down before you use it, and toss out that mascara once it starts to get too clumpy and thick to use; the same goes with liquid eyeliner brushes. With eyeliner pencils, sharpen on a regular basis to keep the tips fresh and gliding on smoothly.


As a general rule, you should have one big “feature” area on your face where you can go nuts with the color (well, within reason), but this needs to be balanced with more understated tones on the rest of your face. Want eyes by a great makeup? Keep the rouge light and give the lips a color that matches one of the medium-dark tones in your skin, or just wear a gloss. Alternately, if you want to play up the lips or do memorable highlights under the cheekbones, keep the color on your eyes light and line just the upper lids, not the lower.


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