Getting a look that’s both cute and sexy is tough. Strike the perfect balance between the two, achieving a kind of girl-next-door-meets-minx look. Less is more when you want cute makeup, so don’t plan on slathering your face with products and colors. You want less rainbow, more natural. Less plain, more glamour. It’s a delicate blend. Practice the makeup a few times before you take it out the door — applying perfect makeup requires a steady hand.

1.Smooth a normal moisturizer onto your face to pamper your skin. Follow it with a primer, which will help your makeup stay on better. Wait five minutes for the primer to set. Apply a nude concealer to dark circles or blemishes. Sweep a tinted moisturizer across your face to give your cheeks a little color.

2.Dip a brush into the powdered kohl and apply it above your lash line, smudging it into the lashes. Try a gray or brown powder instead of a black one, unless you have black hair.

3.Sweep a light copper, bronze or taupe shadow over your eyelid. Put a lighter, nude tone above that in the crease of your eye.

4.Curl your lashes. Apply mascara as soon as you take them out of the curler. Wait three minutes for it to dry, then apply another coat.

5.Put blush on the apples of your cheeks. Sweep the brush back toward your hairline. Choose a blush with a pinkish tint.

6.Apply a rosy, shiny lip stain to your lips. It shouldn’t be bright red, but it should be more red than pink — almost like you’ve just finished eating strawberries.

Things You’ll Need


3.Tinted moisturizer

5.Makeup brushes

7.Powdered kohl

9.Lip stain



6.Nude eyeshadow



Tips & Tricks

-Choose the shades you think look best for your complexion. If you’re pale, don’t go too dark. If your skin is dark, don’t choose shades that are too light. You want contrast, but your skin shouldn’t be overshadowed.

-Sweep a little gold powder on your cheeks or eyes if you’re planning this as a night look.

-Test all new makeup products on your arm before you put them on your face. An allergic reaction probably won’t make you feel sexy or cute.


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