Almay’s Intense i-Color trio collections contain the exact eyeshadow colors needed to take your blue, green, hazel or brown eyes to the fiercest level. If the great Kim Kardashian smoky eye is what your eyes desire, Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i kit contains the colors needed for capturing her dramatic look. Each trio palette includes a light, medium and dark eyeshadow shade, intended for a particular area of your eyelid. Knowing where to place each eyeshadow shade is all that is required for that intense, sexy eye women love to emulate.

1. Decide which Almay Intense i-Color Trio is for you. If you are creating a daytime look, pick an Intense i-Color trio intended for your eye color. But if you are getting ready for a night out on the town, go for the dramatic Smoky-i Kit. If you love to break the rules, choose any of the trios you want, no matter what your eye color is. Almay has included some intensely pigmented eyeshadows in this collection.

2. Begin with the lightest color in the Almay Intense i-Color Trio. Using one side of the included applicator, apply the lightest shade all over your lid from your eyelash line to the highest point in your eyebrow. This color is known as a highlight shade and is used to highlight your brow bone. By adding it to your entire eyelid, it doubles as a base so you can avoid any permanent tint from the darker colors.

3. Insert the medium eyeshadow color to the same side of the applicator used for the lighter shade. Apply this color from your lash line to the crease of your eye. For those new to the makeup game, the crease area is identified by a line in the center of your lid, when your eye is open. Keep your eye open and gently press the tip of the applicator onto this line. This will mark your crease and let you know where the medium shade should stop. Add one coat for a lighter color or several layers for a more intense effect.

4. Get ready for the full, Almay Intense effect. Add a generous amount of the darkest shade to the clear side of the applicator. Begin at the outer corner of your eye and sweep this dark shadow across your crease line. Don’t freak out when you see one dark line across the center of your eyelid. The darker color on your crease and outer corner add depth to your eye.

5. Blend, blend and blend that dark line. Blending is the most important step in using three different eyeshadows in one application. Run the applicator back and forth across your crease, making windshield-wiper like motions until any harsh color lines are blended in. On the outer corner, make short strokes toward the center of your lid. Keep mixing until your eyeshadows flow smoothly from one color to the next.

Things You’ll Need

1.Almay Intense i-Color Trio or Smoky-i Kit

Tips & Tricks

Eyeliners and mascaras specifically created for each of the available Intense i-Color Trios are sold separately.

You can purchase a domed, tapered brush specially designed for blending eyeshadows.


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