“Makeup is all about enhancing what you have,” Clinique makeup and trend expert Jennifer Nethery tells George Washington University’s WRGW News. Whether your eyes are chocolate brown, sea green or baby blue, flaunt what your mama gave you with a little strategically applied eye makeup. From bold, smoky and dramatic nighttime styles to fresh and effortless daytime looks, playing up your peepers will help you turn heads. It’ll also make your eyes pop and shine when you smile with them, Tyra-style.

1. Pick an eyeshadow shade that complements your eye color. “Eye makeup can backfire if you choose shades that compete with your eye color,” says superstar makeup artist Bobbi Brown in the Shape magazine article “12 Tricks for Radiant Eyes.” Mocha, sable or taupe shades work well with brown eyes, while camel, heather, and yellowish taupe hues look good on green eyes. For baby blues, try gray, heather and ashy taupe shades.

2. Know what’s appropriate. High drama eyes will make you stand out at a party, but when it comes to school, work or just hanging out, keep it simple and keep it natural. To expand your options, use Clinique shadows that come in duo, trio or quad sets. That way, you can use a lighter shade from the palette during the day and bolder colors at night.

3. Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over your lids for a minimal daytime look, suggests Sara Whittaker, a national trainer for Clinique tells Beatutygeeks in the article, “Minimalist or Maverick? New Year’s Eve Makeup Tips from Clinique.” Use a soft, medium-sized makeup brush, or just use the brush that came with your Clinique eye makeup. Next, apply a little eyeliner along your upper lash line, then softly smudge it with a cotton swab or your fingertip. Top the look off by applying a layer of mascara on your top lashes, starting at the roots and sweeping to your lash tips.

4. Amp up the contrast for a more dramatic, eye-popping nighttime look. Whittaker suggests using a lighter eyeshadow shade on the lid and a bolder, deeper color in the crease of your eyes and at the outer corners. Add darker, thicker eyeliner to both your upper and lower lash lines for a sexy, smoky vibe, and don’t forget to smudge the lines. If you’re the game, you can even wing out your eyeliner just past the outer corner of your eyes for a slight cat-eye effect, but don’t over-do it. When it comes to cat-eyes, think more Sophia Loren and less Cleopatra. Seal the deal with a few coats of black mascara, and you’re ready to rock.

Things You’ll Need




2.Eye makeup brush

4.Cotton swab (optional)

Tips & Tricks

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Rules are meant to be broken, so go crazy and have fun with your look. Who says a brown eyed girl can’t rock purple eyeshadow? Give it a shot. If you don’t like it, just wash it all off and start again.

Beware the dreaded clown face. Super bold eyes paired with super bright lips can look overdone and, yes, clownish. Instead, pick a focus. If you play up your eyes, choose a light, neutral lip color. If you decide to go with softer, minimal eye makeup set if off with a bolder, darker lip color.


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