Looking in the mirror is quite a wake-up call when you see sagging brow lines for the first time. First of all, realize that this is an entirely normal part of aging — even though you insist that you’ll be an ageless beauty forever. Ageless? No. A beauty? Of course! No need to rush to cosmetic surgery consultations for this problem. Apply makeup with artful touches on your sagging brow lines to hide the evidence.

1. Use your concealer to your face as usual before concentrating on your eyes. If you have other pesky wrinkles you are trying to hide, choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin.

2. Choose nude tones for brow lines that are, to be polite, lacking a certain tartness. Only you know what shade of eyeshadow will blend into your skin, but try to get the color as close to your skin tone as possible. Go for matte, not shimmery with this layer. Lightly brush the shadow onto your eye from your lash line up to your brows.

3. LIne your eyes with more eyeshadow, which is softer and more forgiving than eyeliner. Choose dark, yet soft colors such as brown or dark gray. Grab a tiny lip liner brush and get to work lining your lids as close to your top eyelashes as possible. The not-as-harsh, subdued lines will detract from the saggy-brow look.

4. Lightly tint your lashes with brown or black mascara as a finishing touch. The lack of color may seem boring, but with sagging brow lines, you don’t want to make your lashes pop with bright hues. Less is more in this case.

Tips & Tricks

Experiment with eyeshadows that are designed just for your problem. Choose eye color that contains collagen and antioxidant vitamins. These ingredients can help tighten up the skin on your eyelids and brow bones. Sweet!


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