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When you’re looking for a line of facial products with oomph, maybe the Sea Breeze products will power through dirt and oils you’re faced with. This line of astringents and facial cleansers contains essential oils that can clean gently and efficiently so you can put your fiercest face forward.

Foaming Face Wash

The Sea Breeze Foaming Face Wash product works for both normal and oily skin types. You can use this facial cleanser to get rid of dirt, oils, and makeup from your face. Splash a little warm water onto your face to get it wet. Squirt a small dollop of the face wash into the palm of one hand and add just a smidgen of water to the product. Rub your hands together gently to get some bubbles going and then work the bubbles over your face to wash your skin. Keep the bubbles away from your eyes, though. Splash water onto your face to rinse away the soap and then pat your face dry gently with a clean towel.

Choose an Astringent

There are several different Sea Breeze astringents made for various skin types. There’s one for healthy skin, another for girls with oily skin and still one more for sensitive skin. All the astringents have clove oil and eucalyptus oil in them. The astringent for sensitive skin skip the peppermint oil.

Astringent Instructions

After washing and patting your face dry, grab the astringent of choice and a cotton ball or pad. Soak the cotton ball with astringent and wipe it gently over your entire face and neck. Keep the astringent away from your eyes, though. Check the cotton ball as you apply the astringent — you probably see oils and makeup on it. Get a fresh cotton ball soaked with more astringent and keep going until you stop seeing any dirt or makeup on the cotton ball.

Refreshing Toner

Sea Breeze Toner is similar to the astringents, but it doesn’t have some of the same potent ingredients. The Sea Breeze Toner is missing alcohol, but it has some other essential oils that can power away from the dirt and oils. Some essential oils included in the toner are chamomile oil, orange oil, rosemary oil and tangerine oil. Use the toner in the same way you use astringent, but it should be a little gentler on your skin.


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