Whether you’re transitioning to the summer season or you just bought the wrong shade, don’t give up on your liquid makeup just yet. Instead, bring out your artistic side by mixing foundation and bronzing colors. This may require quite a bit of color-matching practice, but once you get the recipe right, you’ll be taking your liquid makeup from too light to just right.

1.Apply your current liquid makeup to your face and determine if it is one, two or three shades too light. This can help you determine the right color shade to blend with your current makeup. If your foundation is too light, a darker bronzer may work for blending. If you are almost there, you may only need a light bronzer or slightly darker foundation.

2.Pour a dime-size amount of foundation either on the back of your hand or pour it on a square of aluminum foil. Apply a small amount of bronzer — about a fourth of the dime-size amount — to this foundation and mix evenly with your fingertip or the opposing end of a makeup brush .

3.Apply a small amount of your mixture to your face to test your blending skills. Give it a minute or so to set and determine if you blended the right shades. If you’re still a little too light, go back to the drawing board and add a little more bronzer and re-apply.

4.Write down the final amounts that you blended together — this will be your recipe for your new foundation shade. If you don’t love the idea of blending your makeup together every day, you can purchase an empty travel bottle from your drugstore. Mix your two shades together, pour the blend in the bottle, and seal it tightly to prevent bacteria from getting in.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Sometimes mixing just one shade with your liquid foundation isn’t enough to get the right tone. If this is the case, you can add a third color to make your foundation just dark enough.
  • If you feel as if your liquid foundation has changed in color and that’s why you’re mixing it, there’s a chance it could be too old. Once you open your liquid foundation, it typically only lasts between three and six months after that. When your liquid foundation changes in color, it may be time to toss it.


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