Bold, colorful hair isn’t the only thing keeping a girl’s emo style from blending in with the crowd. Makeup, too, is essential to creating the perfect mood for a scene look. However, your style doesn’t have to be only about the typical thick, black emo eyeliner. This subset of the punk scene is all about high emotion, so feel free to make a statement with bright, brilliant eye makeup in dramatic lilac and dark purple shades.

1. Apply a little eyeshadow primer to your upper and lower eyelids so that the colors will keep their intense pigments for hours, rather than migrating down your face over the course of the night.

2. Choose a bold lilac eyeshadow and apply it over the upper lids with a small brush. Sweep a thick line of the same color underneath the eyes.

3. Choose a dark purple eyeshadow and brush it on the outside edges of the upper lids. Sweep the shadow out into a cat’s eye point, then blend the two colors by brushing inward over the lilac.

4. Apply darker purple shadow to the creases, along with a little on the outer edges of the lower lids to make the look more dramatic. Blend this color with the lilac color.

5. Choose a black liquid eyeliner and angled brush or a soft black pencil liner. Make a thick line on the upper and lower lids that sweep out at the outside edges. Add black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Things You’ll Need

1.Shadow primer

3.Eyeshadow brush




Tips & Tricks

For a thicker lash look, add fake lashes before you apply your eyeliner.

Emo makeup is supposed to be dramatic. Don’t hesitate to go too bold with the color.


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