Putting on your face is just another part of your daily routine, but what do you do with your makeup for special occasions? Many women are leaving the same old makeup behind and reaching for fine, sparkling eye art for that company masquerade ball or nightclubbing it up with the girls. Eye makeup art is no more challenging to apply than regular makeup and will have people talking about your fierce, sexy style long after the last song plays.

1. Sketch out your eye makeup idea on paper before getting your groove on. Decide what colors you want to place where on your eye, and what kind of accents you’ll apply to the finished product. Having a game plan will help prevent your art from turning into a muddled gray disaster.

2. Prime your lids before you pack a punch. Close your eyes lightly, and smooth an eyeshadow primer over the entire top with your fingertip. Let dry before opening your eye, and repeat on the other lid. Primers smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that trap powder and lead to clumps.

3. Brush the primary color you’ve chosen over your lid from inner corner to just beyond your outer lash line. Rub a wide makeup brush over the shadow and brush on in one fluid motion, getting the shadow right down on the lash line.

4. Layer the darkest shade in the crease and along the outer edge of the eye. Dip your brush gently across the powder, adding just a hint of dark shadow to keep your eye makeup art from getting too dark. Rub the brush back and forth through the crease in short strokes, adding more powder if your brush runs out.

5. Slather on the lightest shade from just under the eyebrow to the crease, blending the colors down toward the eyelid with your fingers or a makeup sponge. If your eyes look uneven, add a bit more of the missing shadow and blend again until your color is seamless.

6. Adorn your look with crystals or glitter to highlight your eyes and make your makeup art pop. Dip a clean brush in super beautiful face glitter and dust it gently over your lid. To apply crystals, add a drop of eyelash adhesive to your face, and fan it until the glue gets tacky. Press the crystal’s flat side against your face, holding it in place for 60 seconds until the glue dries. Sweep on a layer of eyeliner and two or three coats of mascara to crank up the volume of your eye makeup art.

Things You’ll Need

1.Eyeshadow primer

3.Makeup brushes

5.Eyelash adhesive




4.Makeup sponge

6.Fine face glitter


Tips & Tricks

Pick up some face glitter and makeup crystals next time you hit up the beauty supply store. If your town is big for Halloween or Mardi Gras parties, you may find some killer deals on makeup art at party stores.


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