You’ve had it with ho-hum eyeshadow singles, and you’re so over first, black liner or softly sparkly lids. You’re ready to go for beauty broke with an all-out extravagant eye-makeup look. You can’t get much more glitzy than glitter eye makeup — unless, of course, you rock three different colors of glitter at once. Purple, black and gold make for a dramatic yet wearable trio that flatters just about every skin tone and eye color. Glittery eye makeup is the guaranteed scene-stealer you’ve been waiting for — so get yourself some cosmetic glitter and get ready to light up your lids.

1. Rim the insides of your eyelids with black eyeliner to define your peepers against those glitzy covers. A waterproof pencil liner holds up best on your inner rims. To line the upper lid, gently push your lashes backward with your finger, using the pencil to fill in the gaps between the roots. Then trace carefully along your waterline — the inside rim of your lower eyelid.

2. Load up an angled eyeliner brush with iridescent black eyeshadow. Trace the eyeshadow along your upper lash line and then smudge slightly for a soft, smoky effect.

3. Smooth a dab of petroleum jelly over your eyelids and along your lashes. To keep all that glitter on lockdown, you need to bring in the big guns — regular old makeup primer just isn’t going to cut it here. Petroleum acts as a base layer on which glitter can adhere more easily.

4. Dip a small makeup brush into purple cosmetic glitter. Apply the glitter all over your lids from lashes to creases. Stroke some along your lower lashes and around the outer corners of your eyes.

5. Apply glittery gold pencil eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes, drawing a small, sideways “V” shape. The color acts as a highlight, brightening your eyes and giving that extra pop to the entire look.

6. Apply a few drops of cosmetic glue to the back of your hand and pick up gold, beautiful gem. With a small makeup brush, apply a thin layer of glue to the flat, back side of the flower. Wait a few seconds, allowing the glue to dry to a slightly tacky texture.

7. Place the flower at the outer corner of your eye and press firmly for about five seconds. Release, add at least three or four gems to each eye and voila — a glitzy makeup look guaranteed to keep all eyes on you.

Things You’ll Need

1.Black eyeliner

3.Angled liner brush

5.Purple cosmetic glitter

7.Glittery gold eyeliner pencil

2.Iridescent black eyeshadow

4.Petroleum jelly

6.Small shadow brush

8.Gold ornamental gems

Tips & Tricks

Cosmetic gems often come prepackaged with glue — but if you purchase gems that don’t come with glue and can’t find paste at your favorite beauty store, you can use false eyelash adhesive instead.

If you’re having major issues with glitter fallout, try sticking a piece of clear tape beneath each eye to catch any stray sparkles. Before pressing the tape under your eyes, first, stick it the back of your hand. Peel it off to remove some of the adhesives, so it’s not super-sticky. The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so you don’t want to have to get rough taking the tape off.

Finish the look with plenty of mascara. Lush lashes help your eyes stand out against dramatic lids.

Keep the rest of your makeup matte and subtle. With such statement-making eyes, you don’t need full lips or bright cheeks.


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