Where would a true glamazon be without mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner? Eye makeup makes all the difference to your polished look, and when you take the time and go to the expense of purchasing and applying quality stuff, you want it to stay on your lids, regardless if you’re out on a humid day or having a good cry at your BFF’s wedding.

1. Prepare the canvas correctly. Think of your lids as a canvas on which to paint a masterpiece. Clean your face and covers. Make sure your caps are free of oil. Use your foundation on your lids or a specially formulated primer to give the top more “tooth” for the eyeshadow to grab onto. Dab it on, then blend from brow bone to lash line.

2. Make sure you apply enough eyeshadow. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown suggests to thoroughly cover the eyelid and make sure the shadow is dense. Use a cream shadow base or base powder color to lock the color on the lid. Use darker, deeper shades if it suits your coloring.

3. Use a liquid eyeliner if you’re going to wear one. Pencils are easy to apply, but they can smudge right off.

4. Keep your makeup with you and retouch during the day as needed, especially if you’re going from work to the club. Swipe some new eyeshadow into your crease and blend it with the real shadow. Reapply a bit of highlighter under your brow bone. Refreshing your makeup doesn’t take the same amount of time as the initial application.

5. Reapply when you’re exposed to humidity, sweat or tears.

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Tips & Tricks

Don’t rub your eyes when you’re wearing makeup.


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