If your droopy eyes make you look as if you pulled an all-nighter — or two or three — you may need a little lift. Down-turned eyes are not a major beauty bummer, merely a slight dip at the outer corners, giving you a doe-eyed, sleepy look. Sure, you could rock a tight headband, but opt for prettier ways to perk up your leaden lids. Lift your down-turned eyes by taking a quick dip into your makeup bag.

1.Apply the highlight eye shadow to your brow bone and lid to draw attention upward toward your brow bone. Dab a bit of the highlighter eye shadow at the inner corners to make them look bigger. Blend well with a firm eye shadow brush.

2.Follow with the mid-tone shade, beginning a little inward from the outside corner of your eye. Sweep the eye shadow across your entire lid, into the crease and toward the inside corner of your eye. Don’t blend your eye shadow all the way to the outer edge of your eye; keeping it natural at the outer portion of the eye gives a visual boost to the lid.

3.Apply the contour shade, also beginning a little in from the outer edge, then bring the color up and into the crevice of your lid. Blend the shadow upward. Swipe the contour shade underneath the lower lash line, starting slightly inward from the outside corner. Your goal is to draw attention toward the center of your eye.

4.Apply your eye liner, beginning a little higher than your upper lash line at the outside corner of your eye. Blend upward to create a wing at the end. Blend well.

5.Lush up your lashes with your favorite mascara, but stay away from the outer fringe. Concentrate on the middle to inner lashes. Apply two coats.

Things You’ll Need

1.Highlight eye shadow

3.Contour eye shadow

5.Eye liner

2.Mid-tone eye shadow

4.Eye shadow brush


Tips & Tricks

Curl the upper lashes to open your eyelids even more. Skip the eyeliner under your lower lash line; it emphasizes the downward slope of your eye.


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