Makeup shouldn’t be called makeup, it should be called magic. That’s because it can create all sorts of illusions on your face to oh-so-subtly correct slight facial imperfections that need adjusting. Zit on your chin? Concealer can fix that. Close-set eyes? Makeup has a fix for that, too. To create some distance between your eyes, you can use some artful eyebrow shaping combined with eye makeup techniques. Just call yourself Houdini!

1.Place an eyebrow pencil (a regular pencil will do, too) on the outside of your nostril, holding the pencil vertically; do this for both sides of your face. This point is where your eyebrows should begin. If you have some extra eyebrow hairs going over this line, you can pluck them carefully to widen the space between your eyes.

2.Accentuate your natural arch by plucking a few eyebrow hairs that help your eyebrow lift upward. While you shouldn’t go overboard, making your eyebrow slightly thinner on the outside can make your eyes look wider.

3.Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder by applying to your brows with short, even strokes. This can help to reduce sparse areas of eyebrow hair and to draw the attention to your arches, which can widen the area between your brows.

4.Apply a shimmery eyeshadow in a light color, such as beige or taupe, from your eyelash line to your brow bone. This will help to open up the eyes and make them look less deep-set.

5.Sweep a dark eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyelid. An example can be a dark brown, burgundy or gray shade. The darker color can make your eyes look larger and widen close-set eyes.

6.Line your upper lashes, creating a slightly thicker line on the outer corners. Smudge with a matching powder shade if you are using a pencil eyeliner to set the eyeliner in place.

7.Curl your eyelashes, then apply one to two coats of mascara to them. You can also apply one coat all over your lashes, then apply the second coat to the outer corners of your eyelashes to widen them.

Things You’ll Need


3.Dark eyeshadow


7.Eyelash curler

2.Eyebrow pencil/shadow

4.Light, shimmery eyeshadow


Tips & Tricks

Widening close-set eyes takes a lot of blending — and that’s much easier to accomplish when you have good makeup brushes.

Applying an eye makeup primer can help your eyeshadow last longer and reduce creasing.

Take your time when plucking your eyebrows. It can be easy to get into a plucking frenzy and end up with sparse brows. After you pluck a few hairs, put the tweezers down and take a step back to look at your brows before you start again.


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