Creating a stunning makeup look for your eyes often includes using a bevy of products such as highlighters, eyeshadows, false lashes, even glitter. There’s a simpler approach you can opt for that results in a finish that’s just as cute and full of impact: Pull out your eyeliner and your mascara. Whether you love a clean, classic look or a rock-star-inspired edge, these two cosmetics are truly all you need.

Outlined Eyes

Go for a classic, easy to accomplish look with outlined eyes. If you have lighter coloring such as fair skin and blond hair, opt for a lighter hue such as pale gray to avoid creating too harsh of the contrast. For medium to dark skin tones, go with deep brown or black. Using an eyeliner pencil, create a line along your upper lash line and then beneath your lower lash line; avoid lining your inner rims. Apply a single coat of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes, and you’re done.

Lined Rims

For a lovely, sultry look that doesn’t include going with an all-out-smokey technique, line your inner rims. Go with classic black or choose a bold color that will enhance your eyes. For light eyes such as blue or green, opt for vibrant purple or light blue. For deeper eyes such as hazel, amber or brown, go with dark amethyst, teal or metallic brown. Carefully draw a line on the inner rim — the part closest to the whites of your eyes — and try not to blink too much while it dries. Apply two coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes to complete your look.


Try a super-bold eyeliner and mascara look for a sexy finish. Using a charcoal-hued kohl liner, start by lining your inner rims on both top and bottom. Draw a thick line along your top eyelids and just beneath your lower lash lines. Connect your upper and lower lines by carefully lining the inner corners of your eyes as well. Smudge your top and bottom lines with a cotton swab or the smudging end of your eyeliner — smudge only the outer three-quarters of your eyes, leaving a clean finish on your inner corners. Add two coats of blackest black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Super sultry.

Lined Outer Corners

Going for a classic cat’s-eye look is a beautiful way to achieve a lovely, retro eye. However, lining the outer corners of your eyes rather than sticking with just the top lid gives your vibe a modern touch. Start by lining your upper lids with black liquid eyeliner. Rather than finishing the line at the end of your cover, continue the line for approximately a quarter inch, dragging it horizontally away from your outer corners. Line the outer quarter of your bottom lids; the line will meet up with your tails from your top lids. Smudge the bottom line a bit if you feel it needs blending. Finish with a coat of black mascara on your top lashes only.


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