There’s no better way to bring out the twinkle in your eyes than with glitter. While it’s not the go-to look for everyday wear, sparkly eyelashes are great for special occasions, including Halloween parties, New Year’s Eve or a Carnival parade during Mardi Gras. Sparkly eyelash styles can range from a conservative, barely-noticeable type to one that looks like your eyes are wearing jewelry. If you want your lashes to be the main attraction, keep the rest of your eye makeup monotone or neutral.

1. Use sparkly mascara on your own lashes. Sparkly mascara can feature either cosmetic glitter or a metallic variety. Glitter mascara is usually clear with sparkles added, so it works best when you use it over your normal mascara. Use a little glitter mascara to add a twinkle, or layer it in for a disco ball-effect. Metallic mascara usually comes in silver, gold or bronze, but might also come in shades of metallic purple, green or blue. You can use this type of lash enhancer over your bare lashes. For a flirty look, apply your normal mascara and put the sparkly mascara on the tips of your lashes.

2. Buy blinged-out false lashes. If you don’t have time for an arts-and-crafts session with your costume makeup, you can purchase lashes that come with pre-attached sparkles or rhinestones, or have lashes made from thin strips of holographic foil. Since these eyelashes are usually heavier than plain-Jane false eyelashes, use the adhesive that comes in the pack. If you run out or the glue in the little pack that comes with the lashes is dried out, use a waterproof adhesive that’s specifically for false eyelashes.

3. Apply your own loose glitter. Create the sparkly look that you want in the color you love by sticking cosmetic glitter onto false eyelashes. Cover the parts of the eyelashes that you want to coat with waterproof eyelash adhesive. Use a safety or straight pin to re-separate the lashes, then dip the false lashes into the cosmetic glitter. Shake off the excess glitter and let the glue dry for about 10 minutes. After the glue is dry, gently shake the lashes to dislodge the glitter that didn’t stick. Place the falsies onto your own eyelids as normal, using waterproof lash adhesive.

Tips & Tricks

Talk to your optometrist if you wear contact lenses. It’s possible that the glitter can scratch your contacts if they mingle, but your eye doc may be able to suggest some safe brands or alternatives.

Only use glitter that’s specifically for cosmetic purposes. Some of the fine, gorgeous glitters that you’ll see in craft stores are made of crushed glass, and it’s never good to get glass in your eyes.


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