Eyelids, like the rest of us, come in all shapes and sizes. Some girls are born with drooping lids while others develop a little droop over time as they age. Unfortunately, a saggy upper cover can cause eyes to look tired and older than they are. Don’t worry about your lids, ladies. Makeup can work magic on even the droopiest of eyes. With the proper colors and techniques, your caps will look lifted, refreshed and youthful.

1. Start with clean hands. Eyes are super-sensitive so don’t even think of putting dirty fingers near them.

2. Dab your finger into the eyeshadow base. Pat the cream onto your entire eyelid, blending it from lash line to brow bone.

3. Dip your brush into the light base shadow. Press it onto the inner half of your eyelid.

4. Dip your brush into the dark shadow, then look directly into the mirror with your eyes open. See where your eyelid begins to droop and pat the dark shadow onto your crease at this point.

5. Close your lid and bring the dark shadow down at an angle from your crease to the outer corner of your eye.

6. Use the blending brush to blend the dark and light shadows where they meet.

7. Dab your finger into the highlight, then pat the product right under the arch of your eyebrow. This shimmery color will lift your eyes and give the illusion of brighter, wider peepers.

8. Line your upper lid from the inner corner to the outer, winging upward as you get to the edge. Slant the liner up toward your crease using a quick flick of the wrist. The side will draw your lids upward.

9. Swipe on two coats of mascara. Thick, separated lashes will open your eyes and lift the droop.

Things You’ll Need

1.Cream eyeshadow base, skin-toned

2.Eyeshadow brush

3.Light eye shadows such as cream or taupe


5.Dark, matte eyeshadow such as mocha or plum

6.Blending brush


8.Black eyeliner


Tips & Tricks

Groom your eyebrows regularly by plucking or waxing under the arch. A high arch will give the illusion of lifted lids.

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