You see the hot girl at the club; tearing up the floor with her sexy moves. Then you notice the sweat pouring off her face is causing a torrent of black mascara to puddle down her cheeks. You want to rush her into the bathroom and tell her to clean up her major makeup malfunction, but instead, it just makes you glad you properly prepared your lids before you went out. Setting your eye makeup is easy; you just have to prep the canvas first.

1. Wash your face and exfoliate as needed. Rinse your face well with fresh water, then moisturize as usual. Stay away from moisturizers that contain oil; your makeup can slip and slide south.

2. Apply a dab of eye makeup primer to your clean lids, from brow bone to lash line with a fingertip, which is your best makeup tool for this delicate area. Blend it so that it is evenly applied over the lid, especially in the crease area. Take care not to tug hard on the soft skin surrounding your lids. If you don’t have eye makeup primer, use foundation.

3. Apply eyeliner and allow it to dry. Apply eyeshadow with your makeup brush as usual. Gingerly tap a facial brush into loose face powder. Blow the excess powder off the brush. Use the brush with a light touch to gently dust your lids.

4. Apply a waterproof mascara if you know you’ll be exposed to moisture, sweat or the elements.

Things You’ll Need


3.Eye makeup primer or foundation

5.Waterproof mascara


4.Face powder

6.Powder brush

Tips & Tricks

Don’t use concealer as an eye makeup primer. It’s too thick, and your makeup won’t go on properly.


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