Heading out to the backwoods for a little rest and relaxation doesn’t have to mean you end up with a case of the greasies. Sure, you can’t shampoo and condition your hair like you do at home — but you can still manage a fierce and glam mane by washing your hair a little differently. Nix the water — you don’t need it if you wash your hair with a dry shampoo instead.

1.Open the dry shampoo and get ready to degrease your roots.

2.Hold the can about 1 foot away from your head and aim it right at your roots where your hair is the greasiest. Use enough product to coat your hair well.

3.Chill for a few minutes to let the shampoo absorb the oil.

4.Comb or brush your hair to work the shampoo through your tresses. Keep working it through until you can’t see any of the powder anymore.

5.Check it out in a compact mirror to make sure you’re not walking around with any telltale signs of dry shampoo. Your hair should look fiercely fresh and good to go for another day or two of roughing it.

Things You’ll Need

1.Dry shampoo powder

3.Compact mirror

2.Comb or brush

Tips & Tricks

Some campgrounds have shower rooms. Call ahead to the campground to find out. If it does, toss your fav shampoo and conditioner into your bag along with a towel. You might not be able to style the way you do at home, but at least your hair will be clean!



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