Healthy, moisturized skin takes on a glow all its own that makes you look radiant. If your skin doesn’t have this glow naturally, that’s OK, too — highlighting powders can help you achieve that subtle shimmer instead. One all-natural example is L’Oreal Paris’ All-Over Mineral Glow, which is a loose powder designed to contour and add a sheen to your skin. Swipe it onto strategic areas on your face and shine on.


L’Oreal All-Over Mineral Glow is a mineral makeup powder that contains ingredients including talc, silica, and dimethicone to create a smooth finish using natural ingredients. The powder comes in five shades: pink, rose, mauve, nude and honey. Since some of the shades have a pink tinge, you can use them instead of your traditional blush or even sweep them over blush to add a shimmer.

Using the Brush

The All-Over Mineral Glow features a powder shelf that has little holes. When you shake the container, the excess powder comes up through the holes for you to sweep on with your brush. The cap of the makeup powder has a brush on it for easy use. When you flip the brush over, you can dip it into the powder shelf to pick up the powder. Since there’s usually some extra powder on the brush, you may want to tap the brush slightly on the side of the container to shake out the excess without wasting any. Now you’re ready to apply to your face.

First Application

The All-Over Mineral Glow is meant to be one of the last makeup applications you apply. This means you’ll put on your foundation or pressed powder first before you sweep on the mineral glow. You’ll apply this to your forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Instead of lifting your brush three separate times, imagine you are implementing the light in the shape of a “3.” Start with your forehead, then sweep in an arc, making the middle of the “3” your cheeks. The final curve of the “3” will be on your jawline. This will add definition and a subtle sheen to your face.

Second Sweep

You can add a sweep of All-Over Mineral Glow to your cheeks after applying your blush to the apples of your cheekbones. To find this, pout your lips and suck in your cheeks slightly. The most defined areas will be where you apply your blush. Following this, you can sweep your All-Over Mineral Glow over the apples and tops of your cheekbones. This will help to attract the light to your cheekbones, making you appear as if you glow from within.


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