A nail form sticker is a stiff sticker that you place at the end of your fingertip, between your nail and the skin, to help you sculpt acrylic nails. The nail forms give you a platform so you can seamlessly extend the length of fingernails with the powder and liquid solution that come in an acrylic nail system. If you don’t put the nail form sticker on just right, your acrylic nail might look droopy or lopsided — a total manicure faux pas.

1. Bend a nail shape sticker between your fingers, so it matches the curve of your fingernail. If your nail is long enough, you can use the free end as a guide to creating the curve. If your nails are more like nubbins — short — you’re going to have to use the curve of your nail plate (hyponychium) as a guide.

2. Center the longer part of the nail form with your fingernail so you can get a feel for how you need to place the sticker. Nail forms are shaped like a baby’s bib. The end of your finger goes in the hole the way makes; the longer part goes into space between the end of your nail and your skin, and the “arms” of the bib form wrap around the sides and top of your finger. Nail shape stickers come with guidelines printed on them; use the lines to help you center the form with your nail.

3. Remove the backing from the label and re-center the nail form with your fingernail. The pin structure should be in line with the growth channels on either side of your nail. Move the arms of the structure up or down to adjust the sticker’s curve and align it correctly with the growth channels of your fingernail.

4. Stick the arms of the nail form to the sides and top of your finger after you are satisfied with the position of the sticker. Pinch the end of the bib shape on the nail form to help the label keep its shape.

5. Pat the monomer that creates the acrylic nails onto your fingernail and over the nail shape sticker. Use the guidelines on the nail form label to help you create a pin that has an even tip.

6. Remove the nail shape name once the monomer is hard.

Tips & Tricks

Only use a nail shape sticker on the nail you are going to work on instead of applying all the nail form stickers to your fingers at once. You will spend the same amount of time doing your nails, and the results will look better.


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