If you’re a girl who loves her makeup, then you don’t think of McDonald’s when you hear the word “MAC.” No, it’s something much better than hamburgers and fries. MAC is one of the most renowned beauty brands in the world, one that offers a vast selection of nearly every type of cosmetic you can think of. That includes eye makeup. If you want to wear MAC makeup on your eyes, you can; but do it right.

1. Apply a MAC eyeshadow primer over your lids — foundation works well, too — to create a base and give your makeup something to stick to. MAC eye makeup covers well and is long-lasting, to begin with, but a primer helps that much more so you can avoid reapplication. It’s OK; you can cheer. MAC Paint works well for this.

2. Use a matte shade over your lids and then a shimmery gold shade like Amber Lights just in the crease area under the brow bone, blending well, so there aren’t any bare spots.

3. With a green shade of shadow — MAC’s Humid is the perfect shade — cover all your lids in color. With a MAC eyeliner in Buried Treasure, which is more of a shimmery gold shadow, color across the top lash line of each eye and blends with your finger to get that lovely, sultry, smudged look.

4. Add some of the shimmery gold colors along the inside of your eyes. This helps brighten your eyes and opens them up, so they look large and lovely.

5. Finish off your MAC eye makeup look to perfection with a couple of coats of black mascara.

Tips & Tricks

For a night out with the girls, show off your sparkly, playful side by adding some sparkly shadow. All That Glitters is a beautiful, shimmery shade and it works well on all skin tones.


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