Just because the sun has set, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up the glam. In fact, you can stay made up even while you sleep by using the right products. If you use your daytime makeup, however, your makeup will smudge and look awful through the night and the next morning. So, keep your makeup to a minimum as you snooze to stay fabulous all night long.


You may want to give your eyes some definition, even while you sleep. Unfortunately, eyeliner will probably smudge and get all over your pillow and face. Instead, simply apply a coat or two of water- and smudge-proof mascara to combat that raccoon-eye look. Just try to avoid rubbing your eyes in your sleep, which can cause your mascara to flake and get into your eye. If you absolutely must wear eyeliner, just line your upper lash line with waterproof liner that will stay on most of the night. Be careful, though, because any eye makeup can irritate your eyes as you sleep.


So you want that “just kissed” look to last throughout the night. Skip the heavy lipsticks and glosses and opt for a lip stain instead. Lip stains tend to stick to your lips and don’t rub off as easily. You can even look for a long-wearing lip stain to ensure your lips stay colorful all night. Try sleeping on your back, though, so you don’t smudge lip product all over your pillow.


You can definitely blush while you’re sleeping…or at least look like it. To look like you’ve got a glow, skip the cream or powder blushes and pick up a cheek stain. In fact, your cheek stain can double as your lip color as well, for a subtle, yet bed-worthy hint of color. Just dab a bit onto your cheeks for sheer color that will stick to your cheeks throughout the night.


It’s always best to really let your skin breathe as you sleep to avoid breakouts and other skin irritations. So, cleanse your face thoroughly, slather on your favorite moisturizer and go bare. The cheek and lip color will be all that you need to look made up throughout the night. If you still want to look absolutely flawless as you sleep, try a light tinted moisturizer or dust a light powder on top of your face, instead.


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