The great thing about uber-short hair is that with the right style, you’ll look trendy, sexy and feminine. The downside of a short cut, however, is that the gels and waxes you need to get your tresses coiffed into that special style can be heavy, wet looking and straight-out-of-the-1950s shiny. Enter your new best friend — matte finish hair wax. This type of hair wax gets your short locks under control and keeps them that way, all without the stiffness or shininess of a gel or pomade. With matte finish hair wax in your beauty arsenal, you’ll have a number of hairstyles to choose from.


Los Angeles hairstylist Burton Machen told “GQ” magazine in 2003 that when he’s faced with a client looking for a short, spiky ‘do, he reaches first for the hair wax, including the matte finish type. According to Machen, matte finish hair wax is the perfect product for sculpting spikes into straight hair because it lends control and staying power while still being easy to restyle.


If you’re a fan of the short, slicked-back, supermodel-sleek look, but not so much of the damp appearance that the hairstyle typically has, give it another try with a matte finish hair wax. Rub a small amount of the wax thoroughly into either dry or barely damp hair and brush your hair back. It’ll look natural while staying put. For an even lighter application, you can brush your hair back first, put a bit of the wax on your hands and gently smooth some across the top to keep the style from getting away from you.

Short Wavy Crop

A short, wavy crop hairstyle gives you the best of two style worlds — the fashion-forward crop plus the femininity of soft waves. Whether worn high on the head, with or without bangs or layered, bias-cut and worn to the side, matte finish hair wax keeps the waves from getting tired and limp as the day, or night, wears on. Machen says hair wax is a good choice for subtle waves, but warns against using it if your hair is more curly than wavy. Hair wax can cause curly hair to stick together in clumps.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only time a woman can sport mohawk-style tresses is when her hair is dyed neon pink and she’s wearing a leather miniskirt with torn fishnets. With matte finish hair wax, you can rock your inner diva with a surprisingly sophisticated mohawk cut that features trimmed sides and longer hair on your crown that the hair wax will help keep teased up in a light, softly curvy look. Because of the visual length that the upswept hair adds to your face, this hairstyle is especially good for ladies with round faces, since it adds definition to your chin and cheekbones.


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