Sure, smoky eyes and super-bright lipsticks have a place, but when it comes to wearable, functional and oh-so-flattering makeup, a minimalist approach is the way to go. Admit it; half of those products bursting out of your makeup bag rarely get used. Save yourself a whole heap of time, cash, and purse space by keeping your look altogether more straightforward and subtle. Think fresh skin and a delicate lip color, and you’re onto a winning minimalist formula.

Flirt With a Fresh Complexion

Nothing ruins your beauty efforts faster than caked-on, patchy foundation. Eww! Resist the urge to keep slapping on the skin-colored stuff in the mornings and adopt a lighter approach. A mineral powder is kinder to the skin, won’t clog up your pores and is all many of us need to even out our complexions. If a red pimple rears its ugly head, don’t panic. Apply a green-based concealer to minimize redness and keep that zit well and disguised. Add a subtle sweep of blush to accentuate your cheekbones to finish. Less is more; apply a delicate stroke, step back and check it in the mirror. It’s easier to add makeup than it is to take it away.

Skip the Hard Eye Makeup

Overly harsh eyeliner can look aging and unnatural, and unless that’s your beauty goal, it’s better to rock something softer for your minimalist look. Streamline your makeup bag to include a couple of key products to make your eyes pop. If you like to wear eyeliner, stick to a kohl pencil in a soft shade of gray or brown for a natural look. Apply a coat or two of mascara to lengthen your lashes for a flirty flutter. If too much partying has left you with tired looking eyes, add a dab of white shadow to your inner corners to instantly create a wide-eyed finish.

Rock a Pretty Pout

Keep your lips soft, lovely and oh-so-kissable with a slick of lip balm. Choose a balm with a hint of color or stick to clear if you’re an unfussy fashionista. For a soft-focus and contemporary look, apply a thick lip balm to your lips and dot a small amount of your favorite lip color over the top. Rub your lips together for a seriously subtle injection of color.

Make Your Products Work Hard

Make your favorite products work overtime by doubling them up to get maximum usage. A small pot of petroleum jelly can do more than softening your pout. Apply it to your brows to smooth strays or your cheekbones to give your skin a dewier finish. Don’t splash out on expensive primers; a dab of foundation to your lids is all that is needed to keep your shadow in place. Make your products work in more than one way to save your hard-earned cash and leave your purse clutter free.


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