Nail ridges aren’t any lady’s cup of tea. They can ruin a perfectly good manicure and take a polish job that would otherwise be flawless from perfectly polished to uneven and jagged. If you don’t want to deal with chemically concocted ridge-filler base coats, there are a few natural ways that will do the job just as well.


If you don’t want to apply anything to your nails, try buffing your ridges away. You can find an emery board or nail buffer at any drugstore of beauty supply store. Run your buffer horizontally across your nails until they’re smooth and gorgeous. Keep your nails healthy and shiny after buffing by applying a bit of vitamin E oil.

Natural Ridge Fillers

If your ridges are out of control, snag yourself a natural ridge-filler base coat. Try a natural ridge filler. They’ll contain ingredients such as silk and vegetable proteins, vitamin E and natural resin, resulting in better-looking nails without the use of harsh chemicals.

Preventing Ridges

Unfortunately, for some women, nail ridges are just a part of life. While ridges are genetic, there are some things you can do to mask their appearance. If you’re the sort of lady who picks your cuticles or bites your nails when you fret, find another way to relieve your stress. When you get your mani, make sure to ask for a nail massage too. Rubbing a little cuticle oil onto your nails can nourish and strengthen them, which, in turn, helps prevent ridges from forming.

Other Ways to Go Natural

If you like to wear polish, you’ll have to take it off eventually to freshen up your nails, but harsh nail polish removers can peel away at your nails and cause ridges. Stick to acetone-free remover when you’re ready to switch up your shade. Keep your fingers moisturized by following up your nail polish remover with a healthy helping of hand cream. You can also use your diet to prevent ridges. Add B7 to your routine. B7 can be found in foods such as egg yolks, tomatoes and many other fruits and nuts.


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