If you think wearing a pink dress and matching pink eyeshadow is the best way to bring out your beauty, think again. To paint the perfectly beautiful face, choose makeup colors that complement your natural eye color instead. Whether you’re dressing for work or getting ready for an evening soiree, perk up your eyes, lips, and cheeks with hues that make your perfectly-colored peepers shine brightly.

Hazel Eyes

Make your hazel eyes stand out beautifully with gold, khaki, pink, lavender and plum eyeshadow colors. For a sophisticated daytime look, sweep plum shadow across the entire eyelid. Highlight the brow bone with an iridescent pearl shadow to open up your eyes. Apply a nude lipstick to your pout and a spiced plum blush to the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look with black eyeliner and a coat of your favorite black mascara.

Brown Eyes

If you’ve got brown eyes, you aren’t limited to just brown shadow alone. Brown-eyed girls can wear the widest spectrum of makeup colors from champagnes and golds to blues and pinks, brown-eyed girls. For a hot date, apply a wash of charcoal gray or a bright plum shadow across the eyelid for a golden and smoky eye. Finish the look with two generous coats of black mascara. Keep the focus on your eyes by swiping your lips with a neutral hue, such as beige or a clear gloss that looks natural and fresh, but subdued.

Green Eyes

Give your green eyes a touch of radiance and glamour by pairing them with makeup featuring chocolate browns, pinks, beiges, and purples. For a classic twist on the smoky eye, sweep gray shadow on your entire lid and white shadow on the inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes with a charcoal gray eyeliner and finish the look with two coats of black mascara on your lashes.

Blue Eyes

Golden browns, violets, dark blues, and gray-colored shadows make blue eyes pop. For daytime, sweep a bronze and rose-colored shadow across the eyes for a multidimensional burst of color. Apply a peachy-brown gloss on your lips to make your lips kissable. Swipe a pale peach blush on the apples of your cheeks to complete the look.


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