Thinking about quitting your acrylic nails and doing it are two different things. When you find yourself wavering between coming clean or hanging on to your fake nails, take a systematic approach. Follow a few steps and watch your acrylic nails bite the dust.

Make a Commitment

Commit to the change. Tell yourself that you are going to quit wearing acrylic nails. Make it your mantra. Make a list of the pros and cons of acrylic nails to help you commit. You probably don’t need help with the pros. Take note of the cons: expense, time and risk of infection or fungus. Tell yourself that you don’t need acrylic nails to make you feel pampered or extra beautiful. Your natural nails are a part of you — and you are beautiful in your natural state.

Remove the Nails

Show up at the nail salon where you have your nails done. Tell your nail tech that you’re ditching your acrylics. Telling someone else about your plans can help you have a stronger commitment. Ask the tech to remove the nails. If you applied the acrylics yourself, you could remove them. Clip the tips of your acrylics. Soak the remaining nails in pure acetone for 15 to 30 minutes. Peel them away from your natural nail gently. Buff away acrylic residue and slather on moisturizing lotion. Never remove acrylics by force. Your natural nail could tear or come off completely.

Take Care of Your Natural Nails

Nurse your natural nails back to health. They may be split, ridged or have white splotches. No worries — they just need some TLC. Clip your nails often to keep them looking even. File gently to smooth any rough edges. Step away from the harsh soaps. Instead, opt for hand soaps that contain moisturizers. Slather a moisturizing lotion or nail treatment onto your nails every day. Go bare for several weeks. Polishes and acetone removers dry out fragile nails. If you see any yellowing or thickening of your nails, see a dermatologist pronto — it could be the fungus. Don’t get discouraged. Healthy natural nails won’t happen overnight. Instead, several weeks may go by before you like the looks of your unadorned nails.

Get a Manicure

Just because you no longer wear acrylics doesn’t mean that you can’t take a trip to the nail salon. Go ahead, indulge in a manicure, but wait until your natural nails are healed. Try a French manicure to make your natural nails look extra special with just polish. Look the other way when you see acrylics. Your nails are much healthier now.


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