Eye makeup is all the rage these days — or, more likely; it has been ever since wearing makeup became a trend. Liners and shadows can leave a lasting impression. There’s nothing wrong with applying fabulous curtains to the windows of your soul. Your eyes can tell a story, so abandon the reader with a fairy tale ending by using the best brands.


With so many different types of eyeliners, there are fabulous finds for every kind. When it comes to gel liners, Makeup by Heather A makeup artist Heather Adessa loves MAC Fluidline because it glides on smoothly with a brush and dries without flaws. For pencil liners, Adessa prefers Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Eyeliner because it draws on cleanly and stays on all day without smudging. As for liquid liners, she says that Mary Kay is the way to go because of the high quality and decent price point. Don’t worry, glitter-loving divas, there’s even an eyeliner for you. Makeup by Anna makeup artist Anna Petrosian loves Urban Decay’s glitter eyeliners and, for a more budget-friendly buy, NYX liners.

Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow can play up your eyes like a handbag can play up your outfit. Finding the right shadow brand is all about the right colors and textures. BH Cosmetics makeup artist Julia Romanenko loves Bobbi Brown’s shadows if you’re looking for an easy and quick application. The brand carries an outstanding line of cream shadows that are easy to apply, she says, and come in beautiful pastel tones. Both Adessa and Petrosian love MAC shadows because of the large selection of high-pigmented color and the quality of the products.


Mascara is the finishing touch to your eye makeup look. It’s important to use a quality product, so your lashes don’t clump together, but instead look long and fabulous. If you’re a mascara gal, Romanenko says Chanel is the brand for you. Chanel’s mascara is one of the easiest to apply when using the first applicator, she said, adding that the application goes on smoothly and looks great right away, leaving you with a flawless finish.

Drugstore Favorite

Drugstores are some of the best places to get great makeup products at budget-friendly prices. Romanenko loves Physicians Formula, which pays particular attention to the needs of its customers with sensitivity around the eyes. She adds that Physicians Formula products are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. This means that even the most sensitive diva can rock this makeup line.


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