You are looking for a foundation that understands your needs. You need flawless. You need natural and light weight. You need sun protection and anti-aging. You need all of that in your actual shade. Good thing L’Oreal made their True Match Super Blendable Makeup. True Match won Allure and InStyle Magazines’ Best of Beauty awards.

The True Technology

True Match uses patented “True Match” color technology to help you get the perfect match. Although it can’t find you your soul-mate, it can help you find a shade that matches your skin’s tone and texture. This foundation has a shade for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you look like a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth the First or the Queen of Soul, True Match has your shade.

The True Ingredients

L’Oreal’s True Match has got the good stuff with vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is a cell-renewing anti-oxidant that helps boost collagen, protect skin from free radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin E helps heal and repair damaged skin. True Match also contains wheat germ and grapefruit extract. These ingredients come together to help your skin maintain moisture so it is soft and healthy. If that wasn’t enough, L’Oreal added an SPF that blocks UVB and UVA rays so your skin is protected.

What True Can Do Without

True Match is dermatologist tested. Dermatologists know what your skin can do without. True Match is free of oil, making it non-comedogenic — it doesn’t clog your pores, so it doesn’t contribute to the production of blemishes. There are no fragrances in True Match. Those of you with sensitive skin can dab and blend with confidence. If you are fighting acne, this is your foundation. It won’t promote breakouts and it will give you great coverage.

How To Be True

L’Oreal’s True Blend Liquid Foundation is easy to apply. Just pick one of the 24 shades that matches your skin tone. Dab on some foundation, then blend with your fingers or use a foundation brush. You can build the foundation to get the desired coverage. Because it is a water-based formula, your skin absorbs it easily without feeling weighed down. So remember, the formula for flawless coverage — dab plus blend equals fabulosity.


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