You don’t have to empty your wallet at a fancy nail salon to make your toenails as pretty as flowers. If you have bottles of your favorite nail polish and a steady hand, you’re ready to create intricate petal patterns on your nails. Create flower-inspired toenail designs anytime you want to put your best foot forward.

BIg-Toe Designs

Sometimes a little goes a long way when making a fashion statement with your toes. At a rush time or just want to enhance your toenails with a simple touch of flower power, decorate only your big toes. For example, paint all of your toenails a bright pink or coral color, and create large white petaled patterns in the center of each big toe. Make the flowers free-hand or use a stencil.

Mini Flowers

It may take a little extra time and patience to deck out all of your toes with mini-flower patterns, but the effort will be worth it. Celebrate warm summer days spent on the beach or poolside by painting your toes a vibrant turquoise or yellow color. Use white or a different shade of polish, such as a pink or purple hue, to create mini flowers all over your toenails. Dip a toothpick into the polish and dot it onto your nails to make tiny petals.

Shimmering Petals

If you have an elegant event, such as a wedding reception or holiday party to attend, get head-to-toe gorgeous with nail polish and creativity. Go for a sophisticated style by painting your nails black or midnight blue, and using shimmering silver or gold finish to create one flower design in the center of each one. If you’re not into the metallic look, use a pearlescent white nail polish, instead.

Holiday Patterns

Give your toenails a festive look with holiday-inspired flower designs. If you’re attending a Christmas party, paint your nails medium or dark green and deck them out with red flower patterns. Go for a sweet, romance-themed look for Valentine’s Day with light pink toenails featuring red and white flower designs.


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