Like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can either be one of the most fab nights of your year or turn out to be totally “meh”. No matter what your status may be – if you’re single or attached, or if February 14th is just another ordinary day to you – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take care of yourself and show YOU some lovin’! Whether or not you have a date, make sure to pamper your own fine self with hearts and flowers.

This year it’s time to take back V-Day, turn it into U-Day, and celebrate the most important person there is – YOU! Treat yourself to a date night for one or bring your friends along for a fun night of gabbin’, chillin’, and gigglin’! No balloon bouquets required.

1) Turn your apartment or bedroom into the most cozy-comfy and plush-ly luxurious space. Make it a night in: plump up the pillows, light some scented candles, and buy some flowers to put next to your bed. Don’t get the cheapest bouquet in the bodega though! Spring for a blossom you really love, even if you can only afford a single bloom!

2) Get groomed. So what if you aren’t meeting up with someone tall, dark and handsome? Shave those neglected winter shins and get your lotion on. And I don’t mean your day-to-day regular old lotion! Pull out the expensive stuff – you’re worth it!

3) Slip into some pretty lounging clothes. I’m not talking those ratty old PJs that are worn to death, I mean a silky cotton nightgown or that robe you bought for a special occasion. Put on something flattering that gives your fab figure a little oomph and work it out to some tunes in your room.

4) Transform your bed into the perfect lounging zone. When’s the last time you upgraded those sheets? Swap out your oldies for soft, 100% cotton sateen sheets (you can score them from a discount store for cheap – Y’all know I love me some fab finds from Tar-jay.) Spritz your sheets with perfume as you make the bed for that spa feelin’.  Ooh—now you’ve got the perfect relaxation zone.

5) Veg on out. Watch a movie marathon (mix it up with some comedy or scary flicks, listen to music in the tub, or lounge in your newly-sexy bed with a stack of glossy magazines and books. And when it’s time for take-out, forget those frozen dinners you know I like and go ahead and indulge in your favorite foods. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more romantic than BBQ followed by Tookie-style whipped cream from the can!

And I almost forgot the most important part—make yourself a valentine! I don’t mean those cards you buy at the store. Take five minutes to focus on one special thing you love about yourself – whether it’s your laugh, your booty, or your smile – and embrace it! Write down at least one thing you love about yourself. Put it on your mirror (or go on make a few and cover your mirror with them!) and be reminded, in the weeks and months to come, that you are beautiful and worthy and fierce as hell.

For those of you who are painting the town red with hearts and chocolates, don’t forget to wear some high, kicky heels, a fierce red lip, and your most perfect LBD.

So, tell me, how are you going to celebrate YOU on this V-Day turned U-Day?


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