When you’re wearing a drop-dead gorgeous dress and stepping out with your girlfriends, sexy makeup is the icing on the cake that perfects your smokin’ style. If you’re going for sexy, your makeup can get a bit darker and more dramatic than usual. Just make sure that you don’t cross the line and end up with a look that’s more trashy than foxy.

Red Lip Stain

Crimson lips scream sex appeal and glamor and add a bold touch to evening looks. In “Lucky” magazine, makeup artist Amy Holiber suggests dabbing on a red lip stain or gloss rather than opting for penciled lips and a matte lipstick. “A gorgeous red stain smudged on with a fingertip is more modern and easier to wear,” she says. If you’re doing a really deep and dramatic eye, it’s better if your mouth doesn’t look too glossy. Stick to matte, earthy colors instead.

Smoky Eye

A smoky eye is a classic way to look alluring across the dance floor. To get the look, line your upper lids with black liner and use a cotton swab to smudge it. Next, apply a navy shadow and finish with black mascara. For a fresh take on the smoky eye, try a different color palette. Dark green, burgundy and brown all work well. Brown is a little more subdued if deep blues and blacks are a little too striking for your liking.

Cat Eyes

Channel your inner Cat Woman by rocking a feline-inspired eye of your own. Pull your eyelid up and line the inner rim with a waterproof black pencil. Apply it to your lower lashbed, too. Using the same liner, trace along the outside of your eyelid, right next to the lashline. Next, use a black liquid liner to apply four evenly-spaced dots along the pencil line you just made. Sweep the liquid in a continuous line over top, playing connect the dots. Make a fifth liquid liner dot where you want the winged part of your cat eye to end, near the bone on the outside of your eye. Continue the line from your upper lid, covering the dot by making an outward sweep with your liquid liner. Finish with a cream-colored liquid shadow and black mascara.

Gutsy Glamor

If you’re feeling a bit rocker-chic, try a shocking shadow color such as teal or purple to really make your eyes pop. Your eyes will look electric, so keep your lips subdued with a matte, neutral color such as coral.

Sexy Shimmer

Apply a glimmering gold shadow lightly on your eyelids and along your lower lashline. Define your lashes with a couple of strokes of brown mascara. For all-over sparkle, dust your cheeks with a bit of shimmer powder. Don’t go too heavy on the gloss. This look is supposed to be light and flirtatious. Pick a light-pink hue and dab on just a little.


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