It may be time for a sexy transformation from head to toe. A makeover can involve an upgrade in your wardrobe with some essential pieces, a versatile haircut and eye-catching makeup. Sexy doesn’t have to be risque. Your clothing should highlight your best assets, give a great fit and reveal the silhouette of the body. Get a haircut and wear makeup that flatter your features. Turn some heads with a sexy makeover by following a few guidelines.

Show One Asset at a Time

Don’t overkill by showing what your mama gave you all at the same time. Play up your asests in moderation. If you have good cleavage, wear a blouse with a plunging neckline paired with a flared skirt to the knee. Show off drop-dead legs with a pencil skirt and flowy top that covers the chest area. Rock both styles with a pair of platform peep-toe pumps.

Reveal Your Silhouette

Flatter that figure and reveal your silhouette with a waist-cinching dress. Invest in the LBD. It is one of the must-haves for any makeover. A style that flatters most everyone is a single shoulder dress that shows off the collarbone and waistline. For curvier gals, wear a dress with a flared bottom. Accentuate the silhouette even more by adding some bling at the waist with a colored-stone brooch. Set off the outfit by wearing an up-do or great haircut. Accessorize with evening makeup such as a smoky eye and light-color lips.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. Clothes should fit well and skim the body. Show off those curves without wearing clothes that cling. A staple item for a sexy wardrobe is a great pair of jeans. According to an article in “InStyle,” star stylist Nicole Chavez says flared jeans look great on most body types. Work in a ‘do such as a bob, pixie cut or long wavy layers. Wear a wedge with a tank top, creme eye shadow, blush and lip gloss for day. A sequined tunic, shimmery eyeshadow and matte lipstick look hot for evening. There’s nothing sexier than a girl in a body-hugging pair of jeans, slamming makeup and great pair of shoes.

Get a Great Haircut

The makeover has got to be in the hairstyle too. A gal with great hair feels sexy and glamorous. Get a haircut that flatters your facial shape. Try highlights no more than two shades lighter than your natural color. This will soften your complexion and make your features pop. Make the decision whether to go short, mid-length or long. Keep in mind short hair needs a lot of haircut maintenance. Mid-length and long cuts are very versatile and only need a trim every eight to 10 weeks. Most important, though, the haircut should make you feel sexy when you look in the mirror.

Get Makeup for Day and Evening

Create more sex appeal with fabulous makeup. Find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Update your cosmetic bag with light colors for the day and brighter shades for the evening. Mascara gives the eyes a sexy look. Use a primer to stretch the lashes first and then apply thickening lash mascara. Bring on the drama by highlighting both the top and bottom lids with liquid eyeliner.


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