A purple dress will turn heads when you walk in the room. Don’t make those heads shake with disapproval by choosing the wrong makeup colors. Choosing what color eye shadow, blush and lipstick to wear with a bold purple ensemble can be tricky. You have to decide what type of look you are after, then plan your makeup so you are a “wow” and not an “uh-oh.”

Matchy Matchy

A trend in Hollywood is to match your makeup to your clothes. Those starlets can get away with a lot more than an everyday gal, however. Try a subtler version of your purple dress color on your lids, muted with a base of sheer pink to avoid looking too much like a Barney look-alike. Keep your lips neutral with a sheer pink or nude color — deep purple and eggplant lip colors are best left to Halloween.


You may be in love with your purple dress, but forgetting about it when you pick your makeup colors might be your best approach. You can’t go wrong if you choose your makeup colors according to what complements your complexion – regardless of the color of your clothes. Green and blue eyes become most vibrant when highlighted by purple liner and shadow. Purple can complement brown eyes as well, by accentuating their copper undertones. Consult a makeup expert to determine which colors work best for your face, and stick to those for the most natural look. For example, blondes with brown eyes sparkle with lilac shadow but reddish-brown hair and green-eyed gals do best with light green shades.


If you are stepping out on the town, hitting a club or attending a red-carpet bash, then go for drama. Deeper purple shading in the crease with a frosted brow and inner corners of your eye can create drama. Shadowing with silver or deep gray creates a smoky look that gives you sex appeal. When you create a dramatic eye, keep your lips and cheeks muted in natural colors to avoid looking like a clown.


If you are wearing a print that contains purple, consider pulling some of the other shades of the print into your makeup look. Greens and blues complement most eye colors. Choose just one or two complementary colors, however — or you might look like you are wearing camouflage. Consider how much purple your entire outfit contains, as well. If you are in a purple dress with purple shoes, purple jewelry and a purple head scarf – lay off the purple on the face. When it comes to bright colors — less can be more.


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