There’s not much more that can evoke drama and sex appeal the way a red lip can. The only tricky part about pulling off this look is finding other makeup that goes well with it. In general, your makeup should be light when you don a crimson pout, or else you’ll look too done up. But when you score the right colors, you’ll look nothing but gorgeous.

The Minimalist

If the only thing you want highlighted on your face is your pucker, then you should go with a minimalist look. A few swipes of black mascara over your lashes is really all you need for your eyes; just make sure you use an eyelash curler to make them look really open. A swipe of pale pink over your cheeks makes your crimson kisser the star of the show — and the rest of you doesn’t look bad either.

The Seductress

If you want to look sultry, go with a smokey eye. Shades of brown look stunning with the red lips, with some cream shimmer and black eyeliner and mascara. A copper-toned blush looks especially sexy when you dress your lips up in red that contains brown undertones. The whole look is dramatic, steamy and will get you noticed in a right way.

Classic Look

If you want to pay homage to the days of Marilyn Monroe, do so by rocking sexy eyes with your lips. Black eyeliner that is slightly winged on the side looks super glamorous and super smoking with your hot look. Pale or medium-toned pink with an orange base complements the colors and leaves you looking fabulous.

The Romantic

A rosy red lip makes your lips look ultra kissable. Super romantic and adorable, this tone brightens up your face and your look. Pair it with a mauve-toned blush, along with pale eyeshadow, and you’ll be soft and feminine enough to grace the cover of any romance novel.


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