You’ve already opted for pink lips — excellent choice. Pink lips can be soft and girly or bright neon and fashion-forward. But there’s no need to shy away from flirty, fun eye makeup, too, just because you’ve chosen a notice-me lip color. Getting a cohesive eye-and-lip combo doesn’t have to mean letting only one feature shine. Instead, complement pink lips with a neutral color — not an annoying application — on your eyes.

Edgy Black

For a retro, rock-and-roll-inspired look that isn’t too ’80s, skip the neon shadows and wear a smoky eye. Line upper and lower lids with a black eyeliner of your choice — pencil, powder or liquid liners will all work — and add a slight cat eye. Then layer in a black powder with shimmer — for more impact — eyeshadow from the crease down and black mascara. But beware that this eye demands a lot of attention, so it works best with a lighter, more sheer pink lipstick or gloss.

Cool Gray

For a look similar to the smoky black eye, but one that won’t overshadow a stronger pink lip, go for gray. This pairing is more refined and elegant but still offers impact. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner (black or charcoal) to create a more defined, less smoky line. Then add shimmery gray from the crease down to the inside corner of the eye and in a light line below the eye. Finish with black mascara and even false lashes for a genuinely come-hither eye.

Warm Cream

Shimmery, smoky eyes are good for evening events but often won’t cut it for the daily grind. Smoky eyes at the office could just look like you had a long night, which is probably not the effect you’re seeking. For softer, but still-there eye makeup, choose a creamy, warm shadow with bronze undertones. A dash of black liquid liner on the upper lid keeps eyes from fading into the background, while cream eyeshadow or a powder with a very light shimmer gives a dewy complexion. Stick to a shadow just a few shades away from your skin tone and complete it with mascara. This eye makeup works especially well with deeper or bright pinks on your lips.

What Not to Wear: Clashing Brights

Bright pink lips with bright eyes can easily be too much to handle unless, of course, it’s Halloween. To avoid looking like you’re wearing a Flashdance costume, follow a few fundamental rules. Avoid matching your lip and eye colors — that means pink shadows are out. Other shadow colors can work with pink lips, but the brighter or more intense the lip color, the more understated the shadow color should be. For example, for spring 2011, fashion designer Jil Sander showed bright fuschia lips with almost entirely naked eyes.


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