If your dress is black and pink, you’ve already got that bold pink color in your dress, so you don’t want to overdo it with too colorful of makeup. For the nicest look, keep your makeup simple, and that includes your eye makeup. With just a few basic makeup products you can achieve a simple yet siren-making look that pairs perfectly with your lovely dress.


For eyeshadow, choose a lighter shade. White and light pink shades both work well and are neutral, so they work on all skin tones. Apply over your lids all the way up to the crease. If you’re not sure where the crease on your peeper is, close your eye halfway looking into a mirror, and you’ll see a line form about halfway across your lid. If you don’t have much of a crease, don’t worry about it being too perfect; just apply the shadow a little more than halfway up your lids.


A little bit of liner goes a long way. To compliment your black and pink dress, the line along the top lash line of both eyes, keeping the line thin, so it looks more natural or thicker for a more dramatic look. Stick with a black liner to play off the black in the dress. This also helps create the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. The line along the lower lash line on both eyes too if you want a sultry, dramatic eye.

Highlighter Shadow

A bit of highlighter shadow opens up your eyes and adds that little bit of sparkle that takes your look from meh to magnificent. Use your index finger to rub a bit of a white or light pink shadow just under the brow bone on each eye to achieve the desired effect. You can also add a bit of the shadow along the arc around the inside corner of your eyes.


Even if you’ve already got long, lush lashes, use at least a bit of mascara to darken your lashes and get a finished look. If your lashes are relatively light, go with a medium or dark brown mascara; otherwise, stick with basic black. Focus the mascara on the outer lashes to get a fun, flirty effect.


If there’s more black than pink in your dress or you want to get a more dramatic look, add some gray or black shadow to the outer corners of your lids, blending the shadow in well to get a sultry, smoky eye effect. Or you can play up other parts of your face, such as with a bit of bright pink blush or a vibrant pink lipstick. Just don’t do all of these at the same time or you’ll end up looking more clownish than chic.


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