Creased eyeshadow can be a real bummer. If you’ve ever applied eye makeup just to realize an hour or two later that it’s nowhere near as flawless as when you put it on, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to have to reapply regularly. Instead of toting your eyeshadow with you all day for touch-ups, learn a way to keep it put and crease-free all day long.

Get Rid of Oil

The reason eye makeup creases is because of oils on the eyelids. Some ladies build up oils faster than others. If your makeup barely stays on your lids for five minutes, it’s probably because you have oily eyelids. The good news is once you realize this, it’s incredibly easy to solve your problem.

Get a Primer

Eyelid primer is the best thing for keeping makeup where it’s supposed to be. You can find eyelid primer at any makeup store and most drugstores. You’ll just apply a tiny bit to your eyelids before putting on your shadow. It sops up oils on the eyes and provides a nice smooth surface for your eyeshadow to stick to.

Top Off With a Pressed Powder

Seal your color in by dusting your lids with pressed powder. It’ll help to lock your eyeshadow in so it doesn’t fade or crease throughout the day. Just like with the primer, a little dab will do you, so don’t brush on too much. Just dip an eyeshadow brush in your powder and swipe on over your shadow.

Blotting Papers

If you’ve got super oily eyelids, your eye makeup might still eventually crease regardless of how much prep you do, so get yourself a pack of blotting sheets. You can find these at most drugstores, too. They’re beautiful and compact, so they’re easy to tote around with you. Just dab a sheet on your lids throughout the day. It’ll soak up oil without altering your makeup.


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