A stunning clothing color can ramp up the visual appeal of any choice of outfit, making its wearer glow with style. However, not all colors flatter every fashionista’s skin tone, especially if her shades swing more toward warm or cold than neutral. For a warm-toned girl, whose skin looks best with other warm hues, typically cool blue can be a tricky color to wear. To get the most flattering colors into your fashions, choose blue shades that bring a little warmth to your skin.

Undertone Appearance

Skin color becomes warm, neutral or cool due to the presence of undertones, which show through the outer color of the skin. Structures create undertones under the skin, such as the arrangement of veins or blood vessels. A warm-skinned girl may show undertones that are peach, red or yellow. Wearing colors outside of the warm range can wash this girl right out, creating a look that combines dull skin with harsh-looking clothing.

Fair Fashionistas

Pale and medium-toned warm skin tends to feature either pink, peach and coral undertones or yellow and beige undertones. These skin types typically fall under the spring or good autumn color ranges, which look best with colors that are pale, but also bold. Muted colors will wash out a fair-skinned girl with warm undertones. The best blue shades for a girl with light, warm-toned skin are pale blues with just a little red in them, like teal, aqua, cornflower blue, and lilac.

Dark Divas

Warm, dark brown skin and some medium skin tones can feature golden, red, orange and yellow-olive undertones, and sometimes even paler undertones like pink and coral. These dark, warm colors fall into the autumn category, which looks the most stunning with both gorgeous, fully-saturated shades and muted colors. Bright pastels may wash out a deep-autumn diva, making her look more sallow. To bring out the best in dark skin, choose blues in dark teal, muted purple, robin’s egg blue and blue-green shades, like turquoise or aqua.

Color Combinations

Like her skin, a girl’s hair color can also be warm or cold and affects her blue clothing choices. Typically, a girl with warm skin tones also has hair with warm natural tones. This includes golden and strawberry blonde, auburn, medium and golden brown, chestnut brown, red and black-brown. These warm colors go stunningly with any blues that also complement warm skin tones. However, a warm-toned girl with a fresh hair color needs a blue that complements both ranges, such as robin’s egg blue, teal, and cornflower blue.


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