You’re pregnant and couldn’t be more thrilled. You’ve also noticed your skin isn’t quite the same as it used to be before you conceived, which puts a kink in your beauty routine. Pregnancy is your time to shine. Do your homework to find out what types of makeup you should wear during gestation to keep your baby safe and help you feel beautiful.

Natural and Organic

According to the American Pregnancy Association, body lotion, perfume and other cosmetics — including makeup — are perfectly safe to use while you’re pregnant. However, remember that many cosmetics contain chemicals and toxins that give makeup their coloring and scent. Although these ingredients aren’t necessarily going to harm your baby, you might opt for more natural or organic makeup as you bring a new life into the world. Natural formulas that contain beeswax and those free of parabens — a type of preservative used in cosmetics — are less likely to cause skin irritation as you enter a more, shall we say, hormonal state of life.


Look for makeup that’s alcohol-free, as well as products that are non-comedogenic — that is, they do not tend to cause pimples and blackheads. When you’re pregnant, you tend to break out more in response to the higher level of hormones coursing through your veins. You want your beauty products to help you glow, but not like a giant pimple. So choose your oils carefully. Rose hip or olive oils are OK because they are naturally moisturizing. These ingredients can help you combat the dryness your might experience during pregnancy. Mineral makeup can also keep your acne-prone, sensitive skin looking fresh and dewy without aggravating your breakout zones.

Hiding Flaws

Pregnancy can bring out the best in many women, but there are sometimes new beauty issues that arise due to the fluctuation of your hormones. Melasma — called the “mask of pregnancy” — is just one example of a so-called flaw that might make you a little self-conscious. Melasma simply means the pigment of your facial skin darkens in areas. Even out your skin tone with a concealer stick, foundation and some powder, advises Bobbi Brown on BabyCenter UK.


Morning sickness can take its toll during your nine-month journey, particularly in the early days. Brighten up your look with a light sweep of bronzer on days during which you’re feeling a little green in the gills. Choose unscented makeup, cleansing products and lotions during the first trimester when your morning sickness is at its worst. When you can tolerate most odors again, select light perfumes or body sprays in calming scents, such as chamomile or citrus.


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