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What Makeup to Wear With a Black Shirt


A black top is a fab basic piece that works with a lot of other things in your wardrobe. If you’re rocking a black shirt, and you’re not sure how to wear your makeup, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to make up your face so it looks fantastic with your top.

Clean Face, Bright Lip

Since your black is a neutral shade, make your lips pop with a bright berry-stained lip. Keep the rest of your face clean. This look is super pretty and incredibly trendy. So apply a bit of foundation or tinted moisturizer, add a pink blush, swipe on a coat of mascara, and top it off with a fruity, berry-shade lipstick.

Smoky Eye, Nude Lip

Switch things up and try a black, smoky eye to go with your black top. Apply a bit of charcoal shadow on the lids of your eyes and top it off with black shadow on the upper and outer crease of the lid, blending well. Apply eyeliner and finish off with an ample coat or two of mascara. Keep your lips neutral by slicking on a nude lipstick.

Pretty In Pink

Soften your look up by opting for pretty pink shades on the face. Try a neutral eyeshadow in a brown or bronze, or skip the shadow altogether. Top with brown eyeliner and mascara — if you have black hair, use black liner and mascara. Brush on pink blush and finish off the look with a pale, feminine pink lipstick.

Kohl-Rimmed Eyes

Make your look a little more edgy with a strong liner. This is a cool way to make a feminine black blouse look more funky. Skip the eyeshadow or pick one in a very neutral shade. Line the top and bottom lash lines with black eyeliner and top with mascara. Sweep on a neutral blush and pick the lip color you like. Nude always works here, but brighter colors can be fun too.


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